Diurnal Tours Travel was born out of a passion for travel and discovery. Established in 2016, our mission is to provide unforgettable experiences that explore the beauty of Eastern Africa. Our team of knowledgeable travel experts is ready to help customize your itinerary to create an experience you’ll never forget. With our interactive packages, 7 days a week service, and first-hand knowledge about the destinations we offer, you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice with Diurnal Tours!



At Diurnal Tours, we are your professional travel partner in East Africa. We offer unbelievable safari getaways at some of the most amazing destinations with awe-inspiring attractions, sights, and accommodations. Our commitment to personal service means that we have handpicked the best local guides to ensure a consistently high level of service. With our expert knowledge of these destinations and game reserves, we offer competitive rates to suit all budget types, special deals, and affordable packages for your perfect escape. Therefore, let us help you plan your dream vacation today!

Diurnal Tours is the perfect choice for customers who seek a captivating and unforgettable travel experience. As a member of KATO, we are indeed proud to be held to the highest standards of safety and compliance, giving our guests peace of mind on their trips. Our commitment to providing exceptional service also ensures that each journey we offer is truly life-altering. With Diurnal Tours, you can rest assured that your African adventure will be everything you’ve imagined it to be.

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