Safari Vehicles Rental Hire

Experience the African wilderness like never before

Safari Vehicles Rental Hire. Our safari vehicles have so many features they can be compared to an overlanding version of the swiss army knife. Built for rugged terrain, these vehicles will allow you to journey through the wildest landscapes of Kenyan parks, making every trip an unforgettable experience. 

Diurnal Tours puts safety and comfort first, offering the latest vehicle models which are regularly maintained. We’re also focused on you having a great time, whatever the adventure, which is why we offer fully equipped vehicles with features of the highest quality, such as top of the range all terrain tyres, upgraded suspension, tyre pressure monitoring systems plus more, to ensure your trip is a safe one.



4WD SAFARI TOYOTA LAND CRUISERS WITH POP UP ROOF - Diurnal Tours TravelThe Toyota Land Cruiser is rugged, yet comfortable. With incredible 4×4 capabilities this vehicle will take you anywhere, including overland trips to the Masai Mara or safari adventures in Serengeti. And with space for 7 this vehicle is perfect for family or group safaris.

Our Toyota 4X4 Safari Land Cruisers or 4X4 Land Cruiser for Safari are perfect for an African Safari. The vehicles are of good quality, well maintained and come with a friendly professional driver-guide. The 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers are custom designed for safaris. They have a pop-up roof for game viewing and the side is not open but have glass windows to offer you the best views. Those that are used for game viewing mostly are built with open sides to offer maximum views of the wildlife when doing game drives.


If you’re looking for a Safari Vehicles Rental Hire or self-drive safari adventure of a lifetime or hiring a car with a driver, there’s no need to look any further. 




4WD SAFARI VAN WITH POP UP ROOF - Diurnal Tours TravelThe Safari Minivans are popular Toyota Hiace minibuses that have been modified to do budget safaris within the East African region. They are very popular to those travelers that are on a shoestring budget but would like to experience the true African safari experience.

All Safari minivans have been modified to have a popup roof through which travelers can easily have a better look at the wildlife from the comfort of one’s minivan and be able to do photography and game viewing without getting off board as the rules within the national parks and game reserves stipulates that all Safari goers MUST remain at their safari minivans the entire time they are doing game drives, this way the security of the guest is guaranteed to avoid attacks from wildlife.

Most of the minivans are 4X4 capable but that does not mean they can venture to those hard to reach places within the safari circuits, that is a reserve of the more versatile and capable 4X4 Safari Land cruisers. Most Safari minivans are equipped with cooler boxes for keeping guest drinks cold. The seats are made of canvas to be able to give the minivans that rustic safari feel and to be able to achieve the level of comfort clients need while out in the wilderness. All the 6 seats are custom made to allow window seat experience to each and every guest for ease of wildlife viewing.


Your Travel Destinations

While organized coach tours work for some, others prefer the freedom of self-drive safaris, preferring to explore the country in their own time, focus on their own particular interests and stay at their preferred type of accommodation.

You can now experience the ultimate Self Drive Safari and vacation in one of our 4×4 rental vehicles. Your Toyota 4×4, well known for its reliability and 4×4 capability, is fully equipped for camping enabling you to visit off the beaten track places and visit some of the world’s most impressive game reserves and wilderness areas in Kenya.